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      Hello, Welcome to Runhe Chemical Industry Official website!

      Service Hotline:+86-574-65554848


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      RUNHE MAT. is a specialized national high-tech enterprise, focus on product development, environmental protection, application development and import & export sales of textile auxiliary and new silicone material product.
      The company's business is divided into three major series:1.textile chemical series 2.silicone new material series 3. special polyether surfactant series.
      RUNHE has founded application exploitation service department formed by expert majored in Printing&Dyeing finishing and Fine Chemicals, and in the products application exploitation, products instructor, after service have very strong strength, and give them powerful cooperate new products R&D.

      Service Hotline:+86-574-65554848

      Add: No.168 Jinhai Road ,Binhai Zone,South of Ninghai,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province

      Tel: +86-574-65553848

      Email: runhe@chinarunhe.com

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