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      Hello, Welcome to Runhe Chemical Industry Official website!

      Service Hotline:+86-574-65554848


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      Hello everybody! 


      Welcome to Runhe Company’s website!
      Time flies just like flash, days and months are slipping away,RUNHE have been develop remarkable advances a few years ,and have become one of the mercerized smooth agent supplier and famous textile auxiliary agent supplier andorganicsilicone new material in the domestic , ‘Quality makes the excellence’is the management idea in RUNHE company, on the basis of absorbing home and abroad advanced technology and experience sufficiently, being innovative unceasingly , keep after breakthrough , Research and Development the product having a domestic advance level by ourselves .
      RUNHE always believe the good quality is the foundation of the enterprise survival and developing, even more invaluable than life; The brand is company product quality、credit and noble personality of employee embodiment, We have been seeking ,explore the marketplace being suitable to us all the time , we have absorbed in us strives for consummate
      We know that company development can't be indispensable from care for all circles leads and support of customers and friends, because of support and effort of everybody, runhe product have able to proud achievement today. I representative all members of company to thank the support and great kindness to my company product, and in the future, Runhe Company will be sincerity cooperate with you, achieve value of the both and win future together!

      President: Mr Ye Jianping


      Service Hotline:+86-574-65554848

      Add: No.168 Jinhai Road ,Binhai Zone,South of Ninghai,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province

      Tel: +86-574-65553848

      Email: runhe@chinarunhe.com

      Copyright (C) 2017,Runhe Chemical Industry All Rights Reserved.Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice


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